Mounty for NTFS

1.9 สำหรับ

Read and write NTFS format hard drives on your Mac



Many Mac users know the frustration of trying to use an external hard drive with their device, only to discover that it's not compatible. Oftentimes this is because the external hard drive has originally formatted with a Windows computer, and is therefore in NTFS format.

Until recently, the only way to use an NTFS hard drive with a Mac machine was with paid software such as Paragon NTFS or Tuxera NTFS (MAC). But, thanks to the program Mounty, you can now read and write any hard drive, completely free.

After a brief installation process, Mounty runs in the background and displays a small mountain icon on your Mac's menu bar. After that, anytime you connect a NTFS device, the app will ask if you want to mount it, and you will then be able to read and write it as normal. It's that easy! Try the program Mounty and read or write any hard drive with your Mac computer.